Excite microbit bluetooth connection problems

Hi, I succeeded in using excite . techlit . org / snap in order to control my micro:bit v1.3B via bluetooth - at least with some specific micro:bit boards. Sadly, there are some micro:bit boards that just won't connect.

  • I checked, if all the micro:bit boards are running the newest firmware.
  • I used the same bluetooth connector on all micro:bit boards: MicroBitConnector-Bluetooth-v1.0.1 . hex
  • I ended the browser session, deleted it's cache and switched bluetooth off. Afterwards, I switched bluetooth on an startet a new browser session.

-> Is there a software feature that I am missing?

-> Is it likely to be a hardware issue? Is there a quick way to check the functionality of the micro:bit's bluetooth hardware?

-> Is it known that bluetooth on the v1.3B might be buggy? In this case, I would discard this issue.

Background information: I am looking forward for excite's support of the v2 boards. In the meantime, I am using this link in order to use them:
snap.berkeley.edu / snap / snap.html # cloud:Username=birdbraintech & ProjectName=MicrobitStarterProject

Greetings to the community. Feel free to ask for further details.