exceeded media limit :/

hello, i was making a song playlist project comprised of mp3 songs. when i tried 2 click save, i got a message saying that i exceeded the media limit (10mb). none of the sounds exceeded 10 mb tho. heres all of the sounds size:
5.5 mb
6.7 mb
6.2 mb
9.3 mb
2.8 mb
4.7 mb
3.7 mb
2.2 mb
2.2 mb
since the project is dependent on sounds, is there anything i can do? i would love 2 publish the project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sum is 43.3mb.

No, basically. You can have as big a project as you like and store it on your own computer, but not in our cloud. You want unlimited storage, pay some company like Dropbox for it. Or maybe Google Drive?

If you do put the project in one of those public storage companies, and make it world-readable, then of course you can make a URL to load it:
and you can publish the URL in the "share your project" category in the forum.

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so it is too big anyways.

Do you mean it's too big to be runnable? It's only on cloud storage that we impose a limit. I should think the project size limit is however much memory the browser allows. And he managed to build the project in the first place, right?

i mean too big to be on the cloud

Did you read what I posted before you answered it?