Euler Spirals

Idea from matthen, check out his whole amazing blog

The random walk starts over if it ever goes off the edge of the stage. Some randomly-chosen values of delta can stay on the stage for a long time!



I'd say thanks, but that beauty has nothing to do with me!

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Oh wow, INSPIs have an official name? You learn something every day.

This is a standard Logo activity as a followon to squirals. Thanks for the reference!

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Google is not helping me understand what's an INSPI ?

The blog I linked, links to the wikipedia page on Euler spirals, which explains they are practically useful for designing train track curves that don't jerk the passengers, as well as other applications

Wow, that's awesome! Although, don't the passengers get dizzy at those spinny nodes? :~)

INSPI is just the name Logo teachers made up for those things, because we discovered them empirically ("what happens if I increase the angle instead of the distance?") and didn't know they had a name. There was -- I know it's hard to imagine -- no Google back then. INSPI abbreviates "inward spiral," because the other kind, with fixed angle and increasing distance, grows outward.

P.S. The Wikipedia article doesn't answer the important question, namely, how does the number of circle thingies depend on the change in angle?

That's a good question. My first tries I used +2 and +3 degrees for each iteration, and ended up with just 2 fixed attractors. I hypothesize that's because 2 and 3 divide 360, so you'll get exactly repeating sequences of angles. I changed it to randomly sample dAngle as a floating number, and that made the behavior more 'interesting'

Fantastic, pamentablement de moment només ho puc contemplar.

cool I like it

M´encanta, estic agraida, crec em faltan instruccions per editar el bloc.

Hi Martin, Google Translate tells me your words are in Catalan! Is Catalan spoken in Trinidad?

I'm glad you enjoyed the Euler spirals, if you have questions I'll be glad to try to understand and answer!

Nice ! good job with so few blocks

Thanks! Sometimes a simple chunk of math can yield surprisingly interesting results! I owe it all to

Grácies, sou molt amables, em falta més informació per fer les preguntas adecuades.

Thank youu, I have to study on more to ask with more knowledge.