Etherknox In-dev RELEASED

Etherknox IN-DEV IS HERE!
It is finally here!
with the help of Terabyte Game Studios
i was able to make the Creation mode of Etherknox
Etherknox is my first game that runs on a 256 Script, A 9.3 Fusion Radar And runs On Hydroid Ultimate.

This Game will be fun in the future i hope you enjoy

Click This link to play:Etherknox In-dev

Or play right here embed!

That's all hope you like it!

if you people really like it i will work on a 3d version as soon as i can!

i worked hard on this im so proud!

What is terabyte game studios? Why do you need a second company?

it's not its one of my friends he helped me

Oh ok

Also, where did you get the name? Does it mean anything or was it randomly chosen?

why i chose Etherknox is because back in may on my first ever snap account: @gammarage

i made a project that i can't remember the name of but it was a building game
using wireless network (Internet) i was not that fast but if i used Wired Network (Ethernet)
i was really fast

its called Etherknox because it is faster with Ethernet.

Also after some googling I found out Etherknox actually means something like "the air above the hill"

that's also one of the reasons i named it

also it is a pretty cool name