Escape Key Detection

Is there any way to detect when the escape key is pressed?

Well, here's how to check

Once you have this script, just press the key you want to check. If the sprite says that key, then it is.

However, not all keys are visible in a say bubble. In the case of escape, it runs the script, but does not show anything. You could detect it with the unicode blocks, either with when any key hat or with the predicate.

The point of that script is to see which keys snap can detect. If a key does not show up in the say bubble when you press it, snap can't detect that key.

take the script out of the speech bubble by dragging it

(this only works in full screen if you're in the editor, or else it will end the project)

you're back!

I tested this, and when I was doing it, it stopped the project in the editor, detected the key in fullscreen in editor and in project page, and did nothing in project page fullscreen.

edit: in fullscreen embed it detects the key, but the small embed won't load so i can't test it

Embed tests

Embed link

it works in small embed too

also it doesnt matter what detection method you use, in most of snap instances, pressing escape stops the project no matter what

when I tested it only stopped in non-fullscreen editor

well does it work tho

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