Error Width When loading Game

I was just trying to get back to my game I've created and I'm getting a pop up when I try in load it that says this:

Also 10 mins before this I had the game running but the fps felt a little slower than What's supposed to be played at so I refreshed the page and that's when I got this pop up. Idk What it means and what can I do to fix this. Kinda freaking me out right now I put way to many hours of work for it to be inaccessible all of a sudden. Any Ideas?


This happened to me to. We need a way to fix this.

sorry for this hassle, I've salvaged your project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
There will be a patch later this week that prevents this from happening.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Can you do mine too? Thanks. This is a big project of mine. Sorry for bothering.

sure, there you go: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

By the way, cool project !

Thank you! Its not finished yet, though.