Ends in custom blocks

many blocks in snap ( and scratch) has endings where you cant put any blocks under it
here is a pic of it
untitled script pic
the blocks that does not have the arrow is my custom blocks
so what im talking about is that i want custom blocks that cant have any other blocks under it

What custom block do you want to make that shouldn't be allowed to have any other blocks under them?

i tried to revive scratch 1.4 blocks into snap but some 1.4 blocks had endings in it but snap has no feature of ending in custom blocks

Can you give an example of one of them?

note: this is from BYOB

BYOB ree

recreation on snap untitled script pic

And why would you want to recreate the block considered "the worst block of all time" in Snap! :slight_smile:

im giving an example lol
i will give a better one then

How about a practical example? :slight_smile:


BYOB ree

recreated on snap+original block untitled script pic

There is already a comprehensive stop block in Snap!


i put in the original block and i wanted to add the classic block to snap

Here's a better example, which was not in BYOB afaik but is a custom block I made:
untitled script pic - 2021-04-29T134904.778
Logically this wouldn't have an ending part.

can you give me the link to it?

under the category control

it does not look like that, it looks like this

i know, i edited the image. i was saying thats how it would look if i could do that
also to get images of blocks only you right click them and click script pic or result pic

lol it will make sense if they added it :slight_smile:

and i used a screen snip because i dont want all the other scripts in your project to be saved

it will only save the image of the block you right-clicked.

when i first posted the topic, i right clicked the block and it ended up saving all of my blocks