Encryption Project

I made a project that encrypts text. It works like a Ceaser cipher except each letter has is changed by a different value. It automatically copys to clipboard.


(turn on java)

hey the anchor actually worked

Why? It runs fine without that.

I would subtract 26 if the encrypted value is more than 'z' so the result is always a letter.


you should implement a key system so that you need a key to decrypt it correctly to make it more secure

A simple change makes an unbreakable password:


also here is hyperblocks!You don't know how to use them as seen here:

which is just

(dont use it as stuff that really need unbreakables,the nazis lost to bletchly park on this,ppl tend to choose bad passwords)

clipboard block

To clarify: The German cipher was quite a bit more complicated than a Caesar cipher! It was the state of the art in cryptography at the time, and breaking it required a combination of sophisticated mathematics, brute force, and luck.

Yeah!I thought that he was talking about the one time pad before I opened his project(my change was also about one time pad obviously)
I mean that do NOT use easy passwords or predictable content

its a concept not a full thing

Its more an obfuscation thing than an encryption thing