Empty space in editor below lowest script

When coding on an iPad (which I usually do) I’m severely hindered by the combination of two phenomena:

  1. the on-screen keyboard occupies the screen’s lower half;
  2. the Snap! editor won’t allow one to move the script area up such that the lowest block of the lowest script is at the top of the screen (or even anywhere near the upper half).

As a result, one finds oneself editing stuff in the blind (with all of the associated mishaps), a/o continuously pressing the keyboard’s off-switch.

There are some things a user can do about it, like copying a large (“auxiliary”) script and moving its top to the bottom of the screen, leaving a rather large space below the script being edited - but that only works for a while (i.e. until the script being coded will have reached the bottom of the page, or one has selected “clean up” from the editor’s pop-up window); besides one often can’t “blockify” a script’s output list - I generate these quite often for testing purposes - without the risk of it ending up inadvertently in one of the auxiliary script’s slots.

So here’s my request: allow the script area up to be moved up such that the lowest block of the lowest script is at the top of the screen.

Also, when I'm working on a project that showcases blocks in the editor (and I don't want them connected to each other) it's so tedious to insert a block at the bottom and clean up periodically. This is a good suggestion.

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