Empty C inputs return 0 instead of an empty ring

this wasnt previously the case iirc and messes up alot of scripts that use custom c blocks if you leave one of their inputs empty

I don't understand; a C slot is a Command, not a Reporter; it shouldn't report anything. No?

i ment the custom block c input type not the reporter. sorry if that was confusing

No I understood that; but the thing you put into the C slot is a script; how will it report a value?

PS I'm not dissing your bug report, just trying to understand it.

heres an example of what i mean
untitled script pic (22)
untitled script pic (23)
untitled script pic (24)
the expected behavior would be to return an empty ring, and im 99% sure thats how it used to work

okay now im getting really confused.
this exact block thew an error because of the 0 on the first time i did it, but now after loading the project again it throws this error'
untitled script pic (25)

(ignore my horrible spelling)

but now it seems to not throw an error when 0 is provided in the run block, even when its not from a c and from an add block (duh its the same zero)

By the way, you need those Boolean slots to be Predicate slots. The whole point of a multi-way branch is that once a test succeeds, the tests that come after it aren't evaluated. (This matters if they have side effects.)

thats not important to what the bug is

I know, that's why I said "by the way"! :~)