Emergency Maintanence

"Miraheze will be performing maintenance between 20:45 and 20:55 UTC. You may encounter some errors during this maintenance window. Please save your edits before 20:35 UTC!" -Miraheze

Ok, thanks for the information.
Do you know what they are working on for ten minutes?

Yes, I have a guess but if my guess is correct, I cannot disclose it.

The director of their Site Reliability Engineering Team has however said they will disclose this in about forty minutes.


My guess was right. They have made a security disclosure. They have been unable to find any abuse of the vulnerability. It does not affect us since we never used the extension that caused this but you are encouraged to reset your password if you used any other Miraheze wiki. You can read this for more information-


Was it the result of the attack? I heard that it was DNS hijack.

What? So what is this about wiki? Or are you talking about Snap! I am confused.

Edit: Oh the Snap! Wiki.