Embedding Content in the Snap!Con Site

Hey everyone,

Snap!Con supports some nice ways of embedding slides, videos, and of course Snap! projects! :grin:

[See an example](BJC Middle School v1.0 Snap!Con 2021

We'll be uploading videos soon, and they'll also show up on each session's page soon.

Adding Links to snapcon.org

Follow these directions to add a link so that it will show up on your session's page. Any site which supports being embedded in an iframe should work just fine. Below are some directions for embedding your Snap! project and Google Sites, though many more sites are supported.

TL;DR: Edit your event, then select the tab that says "Materials" and add a link.

  1. Login to snapcon.org

  2. Click on My Submissions from the User Menu

  3. Select "Edit" to modify your session.

If you are viewing one of your sessions, the edit button is in the upper right, too.

  1. Click on the tab, towards the top left which says "Materials"
    4 Materials

  2. Paste in the URL to the input field. snapcon.org will try to display your materials as a preview.

  3. Click "Save Materials" and you're done!

Note: You'll need to enter in only a URL and not any tags like <iframe...>.

Getting The URL for Your Snap! Project

  1. Navigate to a project page on snap.berkeley.edu
  2. Click the "Embed" button below a project. The project needs to be shared or public.

  1. Click the clipboard icon to copy the project URL.

Getting The URL for Google Slides

It's a little more complicated to get the right URL from Google Slides..

  1. From the File menu select "Publish to the Web"

  2. Navigate to "Embed". Copy just the URL from the iframe. (It's between src="".)

(For various reasons the URL from the "Link" tab does not work. :frowning_face: This URL does not allow the presentation to be embedded.)

I (along with others) did a short talk for Show Your Project.

Is it possible to add us as presenters for that session so we can upload (or is it 1 user per event?)

Good call out! I added you to the list, we'll add others soon. Feel free to edit.