ElectroBOOM Animations

Hello! I have made some animations about this middle-eastern Iranian guy named Mehdi. He runs a successful channel called "ElectroBOOM".

Anyways, I've been watching many animations and many videos about him, the animations being made by fans, and I do want to make some animations myself because I am good at them (A little bit) and because ElectroBOOM's videos have taught me so much about Engineering (And countless other Youtubers did too).

Anyways, here's the animation!

I can post it on Reddit, if you want.
It's really good!

Thank you so much!

Do you want me to post it on Reddit?

Yeah sure! I would like that!

Ok! do you know the subreddit?

I think it's r/ElectroBOOM.

Ok, but I have stuff to do, so give me an hour or two.

Okay, no problem! I understand that everyone would have stuff to do!


I posted the animation on r/ElectroBOOM just right now (With a Reddit account I made). But thank you anyways!

Oh, yeah sorry, got distracted and forgot.