Eelslap, How Would it Be Re Created?

The amazing website, part of The Useless Web

How could this be recreated in Snap!, I generally think it would be hilarious to make.

Maybe continue the animation/video by using the mouse x function to make the frame go forward and backwards?

I also think you can make also. It's also part of The Useless Web.

Yeah that one would be easier.

  1. Find the .gif
  2. Convert it to .jpg
  3. Import all .jpg into your project
  4. Switch costumes with mouse movements (mouse x)

5 minutes to find/convert the .gif
Another 5 min for to program (i already have an helper block: "remap value" to transform the mousex into a costume number)

It's a fun project, would you want to see mine ?

if you look at the actual image on the site, it's not even a gif, it's pretty much just a spritesheet.

Of course, there are multiple images, this is just the first one.

Yikes maybe I won’t make eelslap…

Just split the pixel list into separate images.

I found the .gif yesterday in google image/picture (23 pictures)


edit: now 74 costumes extracted from the original link on the web (file size:10mo!)

Should be

You are right (it's reversed)... corrected!