Editing svg costumes

Using Chromium Version 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

Sample project

  1. I paint an SVG costume (costume1) using the Paint Edito. I get a costume which I can later edit using the Paint Editor.

  2. I drag & drop a simple svg file (1) . When I try to edit it with the Paint Editor, all I can do is move the rotation center.

  3. I select a costume from the Costume library (watermelon a). When I try to edit it with the Paint Editor, I get the full set of edit options, but the edit window is BLANK. I have tried others with similar results.

  4. I export the watermelon a costume to my PC, open & save it using Inkscape, then drag & drop the result (watermelon a ink). I suspect that the only significant change is the svg tag at the start of the file. When I try to edit it with the Paint Editor, alI can do is move the rotation center.

I can see why it's unlikely that snap will include a full svg editor, so I'm not surprised that the Paint Editor can only offer all the edit options with costumes created using the Paint Editor.

But, is there some good reason why I can't move the rotation center in svg costumes from the Costume library - case 3 above?

whoa, that's a bug for sure! Snap's SVG editor isn't supposed to open that costume at all, instead it should open a version of an editor that only lets you move the rotation center. Here's what you can do in the meantime:

  1. Shift-right-click on the costume to "edit rotation point only..." (that's what should be happening when you select "edit" anyway) - OR -

  2. alternatively (perhaps even better): Directly right-click on the sprite that's wearing the watermelon costume and select "pivot" to move the rotation center right there onstage.

Thanks for the bug report, hope these two workarounds help for now, until we've got this fixed.

@bromagosa can we maybe look into this together next week?... tnx!

@jens sure, let's email and find some time to fix this :+1:

@bromagosa alright, looking more closely into this it seems to be related to individual svg files rather than Snap's internal svg editor. Most SVGs will behave the way we intend them to, some apparently have been edited to impersonate "ours".

Does SVG have a capability, as PDF does, to transform the x,y axes to some linear transformation of the original ones? Because it would be great if, besides shifting the rotation center, you could flip a vector costume horizontally or vertically. Even if that's all you could do, it'd be good enough for many applications.

So I am having a similar problem with this.

I get one of three types of views when I try to edit a costume:

  1. Full editing and can see image
  2. Move center only
  3. Full editing but blank canvas

Here is a project that has one sprite with 5 costumes:

All are default Snap! costumes.
In order,

  1. first one "AZ pop front" gets full editing and can see image
  2. 2nd one "abby a" is an svg and only gets movin gcenter option
  3. The other three "octopus a", "octopus b" and "apple" come up as a blank editor.


Right you are. I get the same behavior for apple. We'll look into it, thanks!