Editing Lists Directly

It is possible to edit a list directly (i.e., Drum Numbers in the illustration below). However, it does not appear that a list of lists can be edited directly in the same way (i.e., Drum Patterns). Does anyone have a strategy for directly editing the cells of a table in the same manner as a list?


You can right-click and select "list view" and then edit.

The non-editability of table view is a deliberate restriction, because it's what allows us to display million-line tables at speed.

Thanks. (The speed is a great attribute!)

if you want to edit an item of a list that has an index over 100, you'll have to edit it using code, or exporting the list, then editing the file, then importing it.

No. In the bottom right corner of the list view is a downarrow. Click it, and you can choose a different range of 100 items.

I don't think I've ever noticed the down arrow before. I do know that I have noticed when you click on the length text it shows the same things as the down arrow, but I've only clicked it when there was less than 100 items in it, so I never knew what that was for. Thanks.

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