Editable Snap Logo!

Made an editable version of the snap logo for Figma, its not perfect but its close. I feel like i might run into some issues for copying the snap logo and distributing it.

Hm yes this is a very good snap logo

I don't mind you copying the logo, but I do kinda wish you hadn't tweeted about it. That crosses the line between helping our user community and inviting troublemakers to make trouble.

Cool! Is there a way to convert it to a .svg from Figma?

So should I delete it?

What did you open it with? Make sure you’re using Figma and have a Figma account. You also need the Canadra font installed locally on your computer.

Yeah, please.

You can select the frame you want to export, then in the right side bar scroll down until you see the export, then choose export as svg


You beat me :open_mouth:

It’s not deleting :fearful:
Edit: wait I got it