Edgy is unavaliable

I use Chrome on Windows 10, visit http://www.snap-apps.org/edgy.html , following error message appears:

404 Błąd — nie znaleziono strony Sprawdź adres URL. W przeciwnym razie kliknij tutaj, aby przejść na stronę główną.

, instead Edgy should come active.

im pretty sure that isn't a major part of snap, so shouldn't this go in Mods and Extensions?

edit: the entire site "snap-apps.org" is gone. you sure thats the right website?

I've moved it to Mods&Extensions, because as @miniepicness says, Edgy is not maintained by the Snap! team.

In any case, you can still find it here: http://snapapps.github.io/edgy/

I think it's just their domain that's down.