Easy to use Custom Blocks

I have a collection of custom blocks that I've made that I think would be very useful to some. There is lots of documentation for each and every block I've made. I will update it with more blocks as I make them.


Very nice library! I like the pen dropdowns. There is a downside, however, to the uppercase block. Other letters have uppercase revisions, too, like é --> É, and that block won't work with these letters.

A couple of things:

Instead of

you can just say

But also, you know we have primitive menus as of 8.0, right?

cool blocks !

did you know you can drop a list in this block ? (or an object)


Snap! Library Collections script pic
expecting a list but getting a text at ([length] of (LIST))

Oh, I was not aware of the first one

And as for the second one I do know that as I saw it in the custom Crayon blocks in the Library

Yeah I do not have a length function coded in yet, but I will definitely update it soon.

Very true, I will add some of those and it should work a lot better.

Wow, I was not aware of that. Thanks for showing me!

this block has a problem:
Snap! Library Collections script pic-2

fortunately it's an easy fix. in the FOR loop in the block definition you can replace the (10) input
with (length of text STR1)


Snap! Library Collections script pic-3
Snap! Library Collections script pic-4

after a bit more experimentation i came up with an even more simplified version:
Snap! Library Collections script pic-6

also this block already exists as a primitive

really? which block is it?

its in the operators category

can you show a pic?

well i had no idea the block had that function.
I assumed it didn't since the project had a custom block for it

untitled script pic (2)

They know that; they use it in the message above yours! :~)

i didnt see that it would also calculate the type of input, my bad

does my custom block actually report any different answers than the primitive though?

you can also simplify the point towards block: