Easier way to enable JSF?

I understand why the JSF block was disabled by default or whatever, but I don't like the idea of having to always go inside the project to enable it.
Instead, why not a little checkbox next to the project player that will enable JSF? It can even have a final confirmation box.

(Note: I didn't read the whooooole topic about JSF being disabled, so I don't know if this was suggested already)
(Sorry if this doesn't totally fall under Community Site feature requests, it didn't seem to fit with Snap! feature requests)
(PS - @bh if you're reading this, I really enjoyed reading the Snap! manual :slightly_smiling_face:)

Well I don't see how that would really work, displaying all JS that might be executed in the program.. could you elaborate?


As to the feature, yeah, I'm afraid it was suggested before. But we want to make it hard to just click something without actually seeing the code. In particular, if you're a Snap! lurker who just runs other people's projects and doesn't code, you shouldn't be able to run those projects without learning a lot first.

Oh, that makes sense. You can close this anytime if you want.