Earth OS

Earth OS is a OS made completely by earthrulerr except for a few custom blocks and library blocks. Their are multiple applications to use and this project is still being worked on. New commands will be added as the OS is still in beta. You can check which version and phase (beta, alpha, etc) in the application called “User Info+” which also shows the version and more. The application icon is a i. Thank you for using the OS.

:earth_americas: OS


Each .1 in the version is a update launched. The first update was 1.0, as of right now (8:47 PM Sat Jul 24 CST) the version is 1.3 meaning I have done 3 updates. I am working on 1.4 right now as of this time.

If you have any application suggestions @ me with the suggestion.

1.6: New application: News! Minor bug fixes as always.

Because my username is earthrulerr

I put a :earth_americas: emoji on the typewriter block.

Edit: Fixed
also I iwll be adding close buttons later.

K released update 1.5 but the commands applications close button will not work, I’ll be working on it. (Commands close has been taken away. Problem: unknown)

I made more progress by myself on Earth OS then a whole week of progress with multiple people on Lunar OS;~;

1.6 released, new News application. Now I have an idea for a new application involving the Typewriter block but it might take to much storage…

Idea: remove the loading screen.


whats with the "(post deleted by author)" chain

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