Dynamic programming

its just like having a dynamic programming algorithm with a phase shift of dp[n][m]=dp[n-1][m]+dp[n][m-1]
its actually quite a cspj problem on the second question,not like a brain teaser

I think if you want all but a few people to play logic puzzles with you, you have to translate them to English. Sorry...

there are a n*m grid and you can move right and down
how many ways can u move from top left to right bottom?

Okay, well, it's going to take you a total of m+n steps. M of those steps are down, and N of them are right. So it's (m+n)Pm. Right?

thats why this is not in help in snap
im just asking is this a proper brain teaser

I don't know what you mean by that. But here's my favorite:

Ten people are having a party. The one who's a mathematician surveys the people and learns:

  • Everyone at the party has their husband/wife/partner also at the party.
  • There's a lot of handshaking as people are introduced to each other.
  • Nobody shakes their own hand.
  • Nobody shakes hands with their partner.
  • Among the people surveyed, no two people shake the same number of hands.

With how many people does the mathematician's spouse shake hands?


No. Don't just guess; you should be able to prove your answer.

P.S. I forgot a rule:

  • Nobody shakes their own hand.

None. No where in the challenge does it specify that the mathematician brought their spouse.

Or, we can do it this way. An unknown number, as it never asks how many hands does the spouse shake at the party. So, without watching the spouse from birth to death, it is impossible to know.

Or 8, as the spouse doesn't shake their partners hand, or themselves.

I thought @bromagosa already talked about the language issues and dissing out on people and telling them to speak english...

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Yes, and he's quite right. I didn't intend to disrespect anyone's language, and if I came off that way, I apologize.

But we're still a very small community, and I don't think you can get much of a conversation going in languages other than English, German, and Catalan.

What I should have said is that we have the Local Communities category in which people can build up a conversation in their favorite language.

True, also I believe you can translate the page (if you use Google or safari) at the top left or right.

someone got suspended for saying that