Dye.io 2 - Beta 1.0

Yep, were in beta now!

dyeio2 is the sequel to dyeio, everything has changed!

I cant name everything that has changed so far, but everything is different!

Check it out: dye.io2 Beta 1.0

Or play it now!

Created by dyegames

Here are my reviews:

GAMEPLAY: I mean, gameplay is good, at least for the first player. The second player's movement is pretty choppy. Overall, the rating I give to this category is 7/10. Pretty good, but choppy movement.

DIFFERENCES: This category defines differences between this version and other versions of the game or spinoffs or whatnot. There are barely any differences apart from music and artstyle. I miss the old music, and so I'm taking a few stars away from that because of the music. The artstyle, I kind of like it. There are some other notable differences, like quests and such, but nothing really changed in this game. However, who am I to be so harsh? This game is still in Beta, not finished. So maybe there will be some changes in the future. So overall, 3.6/10. But then again, this is a beta.

MUSIC, ART, ASSETS: This category rates different assets and how good they are. I've already covered music, art, and stuff. 6/10? I just wish there was music though.

OVERALL RATING: 16.6 out of 30 or 8.3/15 or 5 1/3 out of 10!
FINAL NOTES/ADDITIONAL: Music needs to be added (I was going to say "add rogue-like aspects or roleplaying aspects but who am I to be so arrogant?)

I am working on music, i removed it to lower the filesize. i might make music or just get some of the internet.

Thank you for your opinion and i now what more to add to 1.0

1.0 will be released June 21st btw

Just saying - what was the music that you used in Dye.io 1 called? Or did you make it yourself?

let me check, i didn't make it my self. It was some 8-bit music i found off some website.

i might shorten the music and just have it loop (something dyeio didn't have)

Updated ratings:

GAMEPLAY: Okay, this rating will be the same because the gameplay hasn't updated since music was added. 7/10.

DIFFERENCES: There were so many noticable changes and stuff! I am kind of surprised that the Enemy AI has changed a lot (Not really an AI but...), art has changed, and glitches have been fixed. So 6/10.

MUSIC, ART, ASSETS: Well there is music now, but I still like the old music. The art is pretty good, many nice changes, I like it. 8/10.

OVERALL RATINGS:* Congrats, you got a solid 21/30, or 7/10! Much better than the 5/10 rating from last time.

nice! i will update it on the website now!