Dye.io 2: 1.2 ufeature part 2

This update is not out at the time of making this, It will be later today..

The 2nd part of the update will be out tomorrow (July 11th), Creator Mode Beta 1.0 Will be released and Enemy AI will be drastically fixed.

Stay tuned...


sorry for the delay im currently still working on it - July 10th, 8:27 PM EST

Here are my ratings. Well, there's nothing new to the game.

DIFFERENCES: 0/10. I mean, there hasn't been anything different to the game. But I just read the second sentence of the post so...

GAMEPLAY: 6/10. Poor. Well, the gameplay isn't very bad. But there are more glitches added. For example, when I die just when the other "AI" dies, we both die! That makes no sense! I was barely touching the other AI! So the AI will kill me even though it doesn't look like it should have.

OVERALL RATINGS: Well, it's been a long time since I posted a rating for Dye.io, and I don't really remember how I rated this game. Also me figuring out the rating before I give it to you is kind of scary. So 3/10. Or 6/20.

EXTRA NOTES: Well, I would like to work on an AI system for this game. I have made an AI system for someone (don't remember who) and 2 AIs of my own for fun. So I do have a bit of experience in this field. Just call me a Beginner-Intermediate.

If you attack the AI while it is moving towards you, it will stop. Then it won't go anywhere. So it's basically a static NPC that can still attack if you touch it. I don't like that. I want the AI to be different. To continue its pursuit. To have brains.

Here's my idea for the AI. The AI has 3 states. Move left, move right, and back away from the player in any direction. If it is attacked, it will back away from you. If you are on its right side, it will move that direction. Etcetera, etcetera.

@sladescar we need to make slate like a official rating giver or something.

I like that, and sorry for not updating the game as quickly though i've been busy for the past few days and my birthday is on the 11th.

You will get the update tomorrow

also i hope the rating can be improved

that would be good as he thinks more about the games.

lets make a title and ask slate:)


Oh, well, happy birthday!

thank you!