Duplicate clones along the y-axis?

I'm having trouble making duplicate clones along the y-axis, while maintaining the x-axis. Here's the current code:

The clone count is being controlled by the variable "Walker CloneCount" slider. But issue is, there's extra clone created inside of the original sprite (which I tried to rid of by using the [delete this clone] block], but you can't continue the base script under it), and the other ones aren't evenly spaced along the y-axis. It all makes my sprite and clones look like this:
instead of something more like this, where the [Walker CloneCount] slided variable determines the total number of clones (including the sprite) on the stage:

Another issue I'm having trouble figuring out is how the clones disappear after i press the spacebar (which is what's broadcasted when start is received) clones-strolling script pic (3)

Any help/hints/tips would be appreciated!

i would suggest just hiding the original sprite and making it not do anything, it'll likely be easier to work with than mostly clones and one unique non-clone sprite

are all the clones sharing the same ticks variable? it's not clear from this script. i generally like to use the "script variables" block instead since it makes it so that it's clear where a variable is used, otherwise a variable could likely be changed or used where you wouldn't expect.

I'm not really sure how to use the "script variables" block, so I hadn't considered it; all the clones are moving at the same speed as the original. I've made this addition to my project:
clones-strolling script pic

The only problem I'm having is y-axis configuration with my [Walker CloneCount] variable, which I still can't seem to figure out.

If we scrap my initial cloning part of the script, how else could I go about it?

Script variables are variables that can only be accessed in one script.
PNG image

Click an arrow to add or delete a script variable. Drag a variable out of this block to get one. Click on a variable to rename it.

You can only use it in one script (after this block). Trying to use script variables in another script will cause an error.

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