Drums and Instruments

Is there any plan to add the drum block and the full list of MIDI instruments to the Snap's instrument block? I guess this is not on top of the list, just to know if it is somewhere in the list :slight_smile:

*ba dum tiss*

I don’t think this will be a top priority, but it might be added, who knows?

I think there might be a way to do it with javascript, but idk.


idk if being constructive while necroposting still counts as necroposting im scared please dont hurt me
I'd like to have a drum or tambourine instrument, I was planning on making a rhythm game and this would be very nice. It would sound a lot better than the current 4 instruments.

I really want this, but if I knew what programming language :snap: is mainly in (some sources say HTML and others say JavaScript, please tell me, @bh) I would say more.

Snap! engine is written in Javascript

okay. (lol, I have been trying to find that page for weeks)