Dropdowns from db?

How do I create a block whose dropdown items is from browser storage?

You have to use JS...

With javascript.

Nahhhhh, really?

Yeah, you'd have to type a js function into the dropdown options menu.

Yes, I know this. I just dont know js and would like some code please!

Okay, but I need the old database library to use as a reference, since the new blocks don't have JS.

okay, thank you

Sorry, what I meant to say was:
Could you get me a copy of the old database library?

I think so, yeah

Never mind, found it

I went through all that work ;(

is it almost done?

Do you just want the menu to display every database entry the user has, or something else?

just one please

Do you mean only one entry should appear in the menu? And if so, which one?

oh wait
can u make it where the value in a key is split by "-" and all the new values in the now split value is in the menu?

key: customPrimitives
value: ex1_ex2(ex3, ex4).(codification)-ex5_ex6(ex7).(codification)
would be in list form
ex1_ex2(ex3, ex4).(codification)

and the items in the list will be in the menu

Now I get it. Uhh... sure.
But you still didn't answer my earlier question; do you just want it to grab all the browser data the user has and put it in the menu, or should it be selective in some way?

no just one key

ok then which one, i.e. what's it called