Drawing designs!

drawing designs! change the true/false blocks to turn on/off layers, and change numbers for different layers. to add a layer, add a new item in the list, and then a TRUE block after as an item in the list.

project link?

That's a picture, not a project link.

when you click

Satisfaction. Also that is amazing pen work. I am bad at :pen:

That's really beautiful. I like also how you take pains to handle various list formats. I haven't yet worked out how the actual drawing code works, though! I'll have to look at it longer...

The red arrow in the picture points to the link.

thank you. at first I had a big (even longer than the custom block) script in scratch, and I couldn't understand it myself after a while. I just re-wrote it two days ago (Jun. 24- Jun. 25 ) because my school year ended that day and now the program is very customizable and uses lists.

Ah, I see, thanks.