Draw windows

I need to have a rest far from coordinates :slight_smile:

The resizers on the lb,lt,and rb are omited(im tired of new buttons&the buttons are already too crowded)
The "jumpscare" when you close the window(yeah red crosses are not snappy enough so i used stop signs) is because of the bad way used to close windows(it would not jumpscare if you silently remove it from the windows list in your os instead of terminating whole program)

@unifiedadvanc3r did i do a good job

Looks nice to me! I'm on phone right now so i can't see much. I'll be sure to check this tomorrow!


Actaully my work is limited by my method:i dont have clones in my program structure so i couldn't use your method,and i cannot detect clicks easily.

its nice, but holding down your mouse and then hovering over the windows controls is very buggy
it doesn't check if the mouse is down before starting the dragging
also it keeps resizing the windows while I'm moving it

Why should it?

That's what I call

it's not a button crowding issue, you're not keeping track of what the user is interacting with. you need to set what's being clicked or dragged when the mouse button goes down and only do that one action.

it is
the top reshaper and the repositioner has a bit of overlap

you are pressing two things at once so it should do 2 things
whats the problem?
(now im like when jens gets my fake bug reports...@jens now i know why you are so angry i will not make fake bug reports again)

that's not what i'm talking about. if you go to just drag the window and move the mouse too fast it can stop dragging or resize the window or such. what kind of mouse do you have where you never noticed this?

what kind of computer do you have which it runs at 60hz?
its a problem with the frame rate,so that you move your mouse too fast and rapidly out of its detecting area,so it doesnt have time to catch on

any computer should run it at 67fps or less because it's in the snap code, and this kind of issue will only get worse at lower framerates. no framerate will solve the issue here and it shouldn't be relied on.
a detecting area shouldn't be used while dragging, like i said, it should store what's being dragged at the start of the drag, and keep dragging it no matter where the mouse is until the mouse is released.

yes it should
why shouldn't it?to give you pesky users "better" ui?

it will,if snap runs at 1000hz(i mean refresh rate not block execute rate)

yeah,because its in the snap code,not because i didnt use your method of window dragging


i tested dragging on my computer and the window's relative position to mouse didnt move an inchmillimeter(sorry,too stuck on idioms,should use metric units).See?Higher framerate works!

blaming snap code and the users does not fix your project. if you aren't seeing this issue, there is either something wrong with your mouse, or you're intentionally moving the mouse slowly to work around it. you can't have a framerate higher than 67 and the issue is very easy to see at 67.

i am,but i dont think that not satisfying pesky users is an issue