Draw texture onto quad

drag the points
press space to change costume
green flag to draw
turbo mode recommended

nice! i might find this useful for some projects, or at least for a benchmark between some different rendering methods

I'm curious--are there any optimizations for this given that you're drawing a small (16x16, 32x32, etc.) square costume?

i think it might be more efficient to do the operation on costume pixels, i had a project that i was working on at one point that transformed a costume with a transformation matrix, iirc i had affine transformations working

you might also be able to get more quality with stamp scanlines

Ok--the problem is that I have no clue what operations to use.

This is fun!

It would fit in very well with the Picture project in SICP 2.2.4.

essentially what you need to do is find a bit of math that takes a position on the stage and finds the position on the original costume it should be

other than that it's a bunch of annoying reshape boilerplate, i had some on some forum topic about slanting images for shadows