Draw Block

I’m working on a block that will let you, well, draw blocks

it can only draw blocks right now, but its still being worked on and i’m planning on adding other things like reporters and such

Wow, that looks really good. Great job!

It can now draw booleans and reporters

Look very good !

can you share the project ?

I think it would be cool if you made it so you can input blocks in a slot and it will draw the inputted blocks

That's very clever! I have two comments:

  1. A piece of terminology: A jigsaw-puzzle-piece-shaped block (i.e., not a reporter nor a predicate) is a command block. All three kinds are blocks. :~)

  2. Those thin gray borders around the input slots are confusing, because gray rings mean something in Snap!. I think you're trying to duplicate the recessed look of actual input slots, but the real ones are shaded only on the top and left edges, not on the bottom or right ones.