Double up lists

I'm not sure how to best explain it, but here it goes.

I'm working on a project that uses 2D lists, and I was wondering if there was any way to double up a list, I.E. change


Far too over-complicated but it works :slight_smile:

Thank you!

How about

a b c
d e f


a a b b c c
a a b b c c
d d e e f f
d d e e f f


(TL;DR, Would it be able to scale that function?)


So you basically just want nearest neighbor scaling (yeah, it's an image scaling method, but it's pretty much what you're trying to do).

I actually want it for image scaling. So, yeah. (I'm trying to prevent antialiasing on a 4×4 texture.)

I've a point resizer block that I'll upload once back at my computer

reshape2x2 script pic (3)


i was going to post another solution but then the editor froze and crashed for some reason

Thank you!

Woah! Super Compact!

in the "Pixels" library you can find a stretch reporter. it takes a list and a factor by which to repeat each list element:


This works regardless of the list's rank:

If you use a fraction instead of an integer for the factor you can pick every nth list element:

For stretching the columns of a table you can use map together with stretch:


That's a really clever use of NUMBERS FROM!