Door engine for my next project

Elevator style doors engine

You can change the speed if you want:
if speed = 1, doors will open/close in 1 second

All parts of the door are clones.

Oh, this is brilliant! I love it!

I was a little surprised that the left door and the right door are clones of the same sprite; I was imagining there'd be a left-door sprite and a right-door sprite.

I had to ask Google to translate "cadrage." It is borne in on me how feeble my knowledge of French vocabulary is after three years of high school French and two years living in Paris.

there are 2 clones: left door is wearing "gauche" costume and right door "droite" costume...

Yeah, gauche and droit are words I did learn in high school! Very annoying to us lefties. ;~)

You have to watch my next project, 3 clones doors, made with clones parts with only one sprite!


Project: Monthy hall problem

Yeah I saw that costume in the project.

Just reading a book about Bayesian statistics in which that's one of the early examples of problems frequentist statistics gets wrong.

I will do the test!

u mean left handed guys?

cool, and nice usage of clones

ooh you lived in paris?

I heard the food there is really good, is that true?

:0 you're left handed too?

Yes. The French word "gauche" for left also means "socially clueless" in English, and the French word "droite" for right has the same double meaning as "right" in English.

Yes! Not only are there a huge number of great restaurants, but even if you just go to the corner deli/pub/whatever, it's hard to find bad food. (This is partly because French bread is so fantastic that even a boring ham sandwich becomes superb when made on a baguette.)