Don't abandon collaborations

Please stop the endless cycle where you work on one collaboration for about a week or less then another collaboration starts and you all join it and forget the collaboration you were working on.
I guess my "New Year Countdown 2022" won't happen as it was abandoned.

i bumped


You say this as if you're not guilty of it yourself.

I KNOW, right?

Okay, please don't post hypocritical topics like this. I don't know if you are posting these hypocritical topics on purpose or trolling people.

You are part of this "endless cycle", you know?

You're saying this as if you want everyone to be sad that they abandoned your collaboration.

Like I said, you are also part of this "endless cycle".

I totally agree with you @helicoptur

You mean you agree with @helicoptur?

Yeah. I do.

I'll edit that post.

Yikes. That's definitely too far.

Whoops wrong topic

Oh OK. I'll change it so it's less harsh.


I changed it.
Yeah I was a little harsh there. I admit it.

Ok, ok. I do admit I was part of the endless collaboration cycle. I never intended for this to turn into an argument. Lets just stop this cycle.

OK then.