Is there a way to donate to Snap! I understand it is a non profit organization but still. Sponsoring...?

Not easily, at present. You could donate to the University of California and specify that it's for Snap!, but that's a big hassle and the campus administration wouldn't be pleased if it's a $5 donation or something. But if you're proposing to donate $1M, or even $1K, then we can talk.

We've considered setting up a Paypal account and putting a donation button on the web site. Then we could automate the whole thing and the admins wouldn't have to think about it. But nobody's had the time to think that through.

So does that mean that you guys are considering it cause I would love to donate just not 1m lol. Maybe something little like 75 or 100.

Thank you, that's very generous. Yeah, that conversation comes after getting the libraries working again, and after student/teacher accounts. But after that we'll talk about it.

Ok I think others would like to donate to.

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