Domain coloring


Domain coloring - Wikipedia

lots of complex functions implemented, you have to go into the project editor and put your function in the draw block and run the script. some pictures:







@cameron8299 Did you published your project or you forgot to do it? :thinking:

That looks like some sort of CRT monitor, that's pretty cool.

I feel like it looks like one of those bags that the Orthodontist gives your Invisaligns in or whatever.

For me it looks like a camouflaged Mandelbrot

forgot (:

should be good now.

also, your tab bar looks like mine lol.

It works now, thank you!
However, I am surprised about your creation. :~)

I just used the default draw code, but used by OC as a shape, as a result:

surprised how

It surprises me because you improved the mathematical effort compared to the BigNum library!
I now can understand the hidden functions behind the complex math. :~)

hey thats awesome! im so happy to hear that