Does the "turtle" sprite have a secret?

In @joecooldoo's "Baldis Basics and Education and Learning" game, removing the map background will make the 3d map the shape of the turtle, because it defaults it to the turtle when there is no costume. But, there are 2 pixels behind it, and the render block only makes what the is on the current costume.



So this begs the question, is the turtle hiding something?

If you ask a sprite to switch to a costume that doesn't exist, it will default to the turtle costume.
The turtle's not "hiding something", but it does have some strange properties.

I know this, but why is there an extra 2 pixels is what I'm asking

You cannot see these pixels when looking at the turtle sprite in the editor

Oh, I just realized what you mean.
The turtle costume doesn't have any content, and using "pixels of" on it will return blank. This map shouldn't even be rendering correctly in the first place.
Also, could you please link the project?

ok, but you need to remove the costume of the map sprite.
Also you might want to remove tree and sprite 1 and sprite 2

correction, it shouldn't be loading in the first place

Hmm, the pixels are removed when you turn the sprite. It's probably a bug with the rendering of the map.

Not for me.

The turtle's costume includes a black border and a white border so that any pen color will be visible against any background color:
Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 11.24.05 AM

One of the ongoing fights between Jens and me is about whether the turtle shape is a costume. Jens views it as the sprite's naked body, whereas I think it should be considered a costume like any other. In particular I think NEXT COSTUME should switch from costume 0 to costume 1 instead of just silently not doing anything. But also this is why PIXELS OF COSTUME TURTLE doesn't work.

Oh... ok

But does the turtle sprite have any secret pixels?

Otherwise no.

Ok, so it is just a bug, weird

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