Does Snap!'s processing power come from my computer itself?

I'm not an expert on HTML or programming as a whole, but i wanted to ask whether or not my computer's processing power influences the editor's speed.

Ex.: I created a block called "TextScroll" in which you input a text and the sprite you tell to run the block will say the text gradually, adding one letter at a time like in RPGs. But it seemed like as the text goes on, the game starts to slow down and the text speed appears to slow down.

I'm obvioulsy not saying that Snap! is a bad program or anything, but my comupter isn't the... fastest, to say. So maybe that makes it lag a bit more. Or is there a bottleneck made by my browser? (I'm using chrome)

Any answer is appreciated, thanks. Also sorry for the bad english.

Yes, when you run Snap! its code is downloaded to your computer, and it's your computer that runs it.

My computer's six years old but right now I have nine Snap! tabs open and it runs okay. My guess is that something else is slowing down your computer, but there are a few things that can slow down Snap! itself: generic WHEN blocks (the one that lets you specify any predicate function) with slow tests, touching-color tests (as opposed to touching-sprite), long computations not inside a WARP.

Your computer probably has an application that will tell you which programs are using up a lot of time. On my Mac it's called Activity Monitor. If all the time is going into your browser, then maybe it's Snap!'s fault.

On windows you it's called 'Task Manager', you can open it by pressing ctrl+shift+esc.

Would you mind sharing the project so we can take a better look and see if we can find any bottlenecks?

Here is the block and its variables:
1.Text that gets displayed
2.Speed of the text
3.Pause after the text
4.Does the sprite think the text? (True/False)
5.Text displayed before the scrolling text
6.Intonation of the text (Hz of the voice, 0 for no sound)

I made the block so that more than one could be placed in succession to create changing intonations and speeds of the text. Also, i created a global text speed variable so that the user can globally change the speed of the text that gets written, in case they prefer a faster/slower scrolling text.

It's my first block that i created, and i'm not very good at programming, so I haven't optimized that block that much... now that i'm looking at it again i can see why it lagged.

Weirdly though, setting my hardware accelleration on chrome slowed down the program. Also, switching to firefox made the program much more fluid. It's not the first time chrome let me down on something like this, so i guess i'm not gonna use it anymore for stuff like this.

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