Does Snap! allow screamers and/or blood?

I don't have much to say, title is self-explanatory.

Most likely not

Probably as long as it's not in excessive amounts of blood, I made a game, and the jumpscare has a tad of blood.

if this is allowed Snap! Build Your Own Blocks, then yes

Now that @danielthebanana4 answered your question, why not mark his/her suggestion as a solution?

not his question, its @ashtyboi's

That’s project is actually pretty cool. (I mean fun to play not the killing lol)

JEEZ! It's not a bad game. I'm just surprised it hasn't been taken down. I guess we don't have babies here either like there are on Scratch but still...

Well Snap! is for older audiences so I suppose it’s correct and “swearing” used to be allowed on the forums so I would assume some blood is…

its not that bad but still some times there is small kids.

And no matter how many warnings you put in, the little kids are going to go check it out because they're curious.

Sorry I didn't answer this promptly; it's because I don't really have a good answer.

Our published policy says we try for PG-13. Once when I was volunteering at the local elementary school, one of my kids had a Scratch project taken down because it depicted someone pissing on George W. Bush. (This was during the second Iraq war, and the kid wanted to express disapproval of it.) I'm pretty sure we wouldn't unpublish such a project, especially because (in the words of an old Supreme Court decision on pornography) it had "redeeming social importance."

On the other hand, we have unpublished projects depicting sadism for no reason we could see other than wanting to push at the boundaries.

And on the third hand, we (the staff) have never had a discussion of this policy in general, so in practice the policy we implement is to allow the intersection of what each of us can tolerate.

As to the questions above about specific projects, the reality is that we don't have the staff time to examine every project, so it's only if one of y'all flags a project that we even think about it.

Before we had the community site or even the forum, we were guessing that all our users would be ≥12 years old, hence the PG-13 standard. (There's no PG-12, sadly.) It has turned out that we have a significant number of younger users. We reluctantly changed the rule about "dirty words" on the forum in response to pressure from younger users. (Most of our users are older, because they come to us by way of high school computer science classes.)

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