Does Berkley CA let you keep a website forever?

Snap! has been around for many years (View my history of the snap! website project here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks)

So im guessing that they let you keep it indefinitely? Reply with thoughts

Well, jens pays for the website to stay up

oh ok.

Depending on hosting prices, but Snap! probably have a support from UC Berkeley or SAP, BJC- I don't remember, but I know Snap! page will be forever if in future will be payed by developers. We'll hope Snap! will be supported, not cast-off :upside_down_face:

And you can donate the Snap! in this website (if else it work).

Originally the Snap! web site lived inside my personal web site at Berkeley. The cloud storage was donated by Miosoft, the company where Jens worked at the time. Eventually we outgrew Miosoft's ability to donate server space, and we started renting space from Digital Ocean, and then we moved the user-facing web site there too. So now we aren't using actual server space from Berkeley, but just the DNS entry for

Supposedly SAP is going to provide server space, but that hasn't happened so far, for reasons I confess I don't really understand.

On my long list of things I should be doing is convincing either Amazon or Google to donate server space. We (Berkeley EECS) have close relationships with both companies so it's a reasonable thing to hope for. But I'm not very good at interacting with businesses.

Wait so Snap! may shut down in 2025?

IDK if "yes" or "no" would answer that correctly, but I hope it doesn't.

No. Why 2025? Basically we are hoping SAP gets their act together before our ever-expanding need for server space outgrows the staff's willingness to support it.

We've done a little talking about becoming legally separate from Berkeley, the way Scratch did at MIT, so that we have our own contract signing authority, but Scratch already had a couple of major donors lined up, and we don't. We would still keep the URL, just as Scratch is still found via But that would maybe make it harder, not easier, to get in-kind donations from big companies.

Edit: The server space coming out of Jens's pocket limits certain things we might otherwise do, such as retaining unlimited backups of long-lasting projects.

Abd cloud variables?

Yeah, that too, I guess.

oh ok!