Does anyone need any art for their projects?

I will gladly make some vector (preferably vector, but I can just do pixel art too) art.


Here is some of my art

Windows 9 Background:
Windows 9 B

My Owl:
Mr. Owlsss Vector

(With bisexual flag)


My hat TOTM banner:

This is not all of it, but I'm probably gonna update it later.



hm..? Do you need any art?

if i do,how do i import them?

anyways here it goes:
when x is greater than 0:x=-1/22.5y^2-30/22.5y
(tried that parabola took me 20 mins lol cuz i didnt know how to determine the maxima or want to differentiate)
(or gate back end)

the hell?
uh, this requires math, you solve the math and ig ill try and make it

this is part of a logic gate and the other part consists of another function with absolute values in it

you know i cannot just paste things onto a canvas

im a 7th grader ;-;

by dragging the picture file into the costumes tab

then how do i put it onto the canvas?i need it on pen trails format

uh ill figure out the math plus im a 6th grader ;-;

well now i just look dumb


sorry i didnt want to offend you

hm? no? you didnt

nvm i figured it out
gonna make the rest functions

heres another one:
when |y| is less than 15:x=sqrt(225-y^2)
when |y| is equal to 15 and x is less than 0:|y|=15
when |y| is greater than 15:undefined
when x is less than 30:undefined
when x is greater than 15:undefined
(and gate)
(really sorry about toggling but i did my math wrong)
did it

when |y| is less than 45 x=1/3 |y-15|
did it

yeah, i have no clue how to do that

when x less than 0 abs(ln(46)*y/15)=ln(16-x)