Does anyone know how to make a first person game

I just got a good game idea to make but i dont know how to make a first person game

well, since a first person game is usually a 3d game, you'd need a 3d engine. There's a couple 3d engines on snap if you don't want to create your own. The 3d engine should also have raycasting so you can make objects that the player can interact with.

I'm no expert at 3d, so all I can help you with is figuring out what you need in the engine.

well I really want to know how to make my own engine but if you cant explain it to me can you please point me in the direction of a person who can explain it to me please?

I could help you make a 3D engine.

ok thanks alot, i really want to know how


$$camera$$ $$x$$ $$=$$ $$x$$ $$/$$ $$z$$
$$camera$$ $$y$$ $$=$$ $$y$$ $$/$$ $$z$$

X and Y are your standard Snap! screen, so we add depth as Z.

hold up can you try to simplify that more on what i have to exactly do because I am kindof stupid

To find the actual x and y points that you render, you divide the 3d x and 3d y by z (the depth, or the 3rd dimension).

how do i find the depth in the acual snap or do I deside the depth

You decide it.
(if you don't know what the depth is, it' the z-axis, or the axis that's front-back)

oh ok

what do you think would be a good depth for my project

come up with it yourself, although I suggest a depth around 100-200 since the x and y axes are in that range.

No it should be smaller, and when you divide its gonna be really small.
Lets say our x pos is 100.
Then if you divide by a z pos of 50, your value is 2. Which is really small.

how exactly am I supposed to put this into the game to acually get that 3D effect

do I have permission to copy the movement code for the player?


ok thanks

here is something i have made how ever as of right now triangles aren't able to clip Snap! Build Your Own Blocks