Does any one know how to make this less slideshowy

the game that i have literally has the frame rate of a slideshow on my computer and i dont know how to make it less laggy. here is the link:

I don't know how to do embeds, but I'll try.

yeah that is a better embed then i posted

can you still help with the slideshow please

Detecting color collisions:

<touching color [ ]?>

is much slower than detecting collisions with objects:

[scratchblocks] <touching [ Floor v]?> [/scratchblocks]

so, I'd suggest reworking all color collisions to be sprite collisions, for starters :slight_smile:

I recommend deleting color sensors and custom blocks
and using variables to run code,
using Piskel might be easier to make your art so I recommend that too
when I opened it, it worked fine for a while but then it started slideshowing.
it looks good otherwise though!

I've always learned that an excess of forever loops is not really a good idea, you should probably reorganize some code into a main loop, some things could also be changed into untitled script pic (8) blocks, a good example would be the character select, instead of having it be a forever loop, and constantly running even after the player has exited the character select, you could change it to a repeat until loop. Take advantage of temporary script variables to check your current status across multiple places in the game. I hope you can absorb this well because such an example would be actually quite unruly in a single post, mainly because it requires multiple scripts.

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