Does any body have some challenges in snap to do because im bored

i am absolutly brain dead on what to do so yeah

Make a multi-input C block that chooses to run a random input.

Some Custom Blocks script pic (1)

Like this.

Perhaps you could make a real-time stage width and height setter? So you could see how your objects would move around, or for a cool gimmick.

could you please give me a little easier challenges because im not that good a coding on snap yet although i have made some pretty good games im still asking if i can just start a little lower on the challenges

Hmm, how about a looping stage block? You go off one edge, you come out the other side, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't require scripting, but I might be wrong.

ok i will try

alright it is done
custome block script pic (1)
here is link to project
for some reason i couldnt get is to work for the upwards direction and i dont know why
so could you tell me what was wrong with it

also, i didnt know what to name it

This is already a lib

Maybe use greater than and less than instead of equal to?

custome block script pic
custome block script pic (1)
custome block script pic (3)
custome block script pic (2)

A DNA Sequencing database holder.

i edited the blok and now it keeps teleporting me to the bottom left of the screen and i dont know why

I made one on my custom blocks project.

They are all less than blocks. Adjust them correctly.


You don’t know what dna sequencing is?

yeah, if someone asks what you meant, chances are they don't know what you meant

Is it where you take some DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and find out what A C T G sequence it is?

Yes, that is it.