Dodge Cursor, Dodge!

OBJECTIVE: Don't let your cursor touch the arrows! See how long it takes until you die! It's also JS FREE! Enjoy! :slight_smile:!

(HINT: You can move your cursor off the stage and the game will pause)

Very creative, cool and fun game. It's just you have a bit too much health in my opinion. Maybe you should add a global highscore! That would make it really fun.


Yeah, thought that as well. You now lose health faster now.

Coming Soon!



it dosen't pause.
also do you know who i am?

Because the cursor isnt detected. Go into editor mode or fullscreen. Check your facts.

Nice game!



You can add a timer so we can see how long it take to die...

I does!


Your bubgamer.

you are bungamer07 right? the new account?

how do you guys post your recordings?

I use a screen recorder.

so do I but it won't let me post it.
(this I not off topic cuz im trying to post a vid on how good I did.)

You need to convert it to a gif. And it can only be short.

how short?
and how do I do that?

look up video to gif file converters.

not allowed on youtube.