Do you like the new logo for the next future version of Snap!?

...I don't understand, it's the exact same.

My colleague Dan Garcia, who made the 3D Alonzo, might like it, but I'm not a big fan of 3D, at least not for learning programming. And I wouldn't want to make the implicit claim that we support 3D graphics. (The problem with 3D is that it makes programming way more complicated, with very little added learning.)

"An artist is someone with the ability to do more, and the will to refrain." -- some Japanese artist, I think, quoted in Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms.

The logo I made is not made in 3D.
I only wanted to do it in a Scratch editor in .svg format, but it is not supported in Snap! Forums.
For that I had to convert it into .png so that I could show them the new logo with an almost 3D style for the editor and also for the website.
It means that Snap! it has what Scratch does not have.

The logo I made is not the same, notice the shadow of the logo. Well, the current logo has no shadow.

I'm confused. If you made it in Scratch, it sounds like Scratch has something Snap! doesn't.

I say that soon I will draw a picture to show you that Snap! it has to be better than Scratch 3.0. :wink:


Yes!!! :wink:

I. Love. It.

I'm crying because it's so good ;w;

Great job!

Your comments are cute. :blush:

Thank u UwU

I love it! It looks so awesome and so 3D!

Thank you!!! :blush:

It looks cool. Honestly it doesn't make much of a difference to me, as I'm not one to inspect logos by zooming in on them 1000% to see their tiniest details, but it looks decent anyways.

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