Do you have a redesign of my OC?

While mine looks good, I have something so you can make me a redesign of my original character.


  • Is wearing a blue shirt/robe, and has long sleaves.
  • The animal is a dromedary camel, aka one hump camel.
  • It should not be the same as my art, as shown below.
  • And finally, it should be as creative as you can. It could be up to you, as long as it follows the rules. Also, make good art.

Here's my art:

Optional but suggested

I love this type of style:

  • The outline width is 1.
  • The eyes are round including the pupil, not like the above image whereas the pupil covers the entire eye.

This is an art request.

ok im surprisingly good at furry art

If then, are you able to recreate my OC with your own style? If it is, create it and share it as a picture.

Mmm, ok
Ill see what I can do

Even though you have a new OC, I still wanna redesign this one