Do you get a different shape for non-printable ASCII chars on your computer?

I'm just working on updating my text costume from fixed font reporter and I currently report an empty space for the lower codes

But if everyone sees these squares then I'll report them instead

So please reply if your system reports something different than this

untitled script pic (22)

It is ASCII, it's just not a printable character

Also, this is what my system displays:
Edit: it's reporting boxes after I change it to 0 to 40...
my guess is that there's some weird control character or something?

Since it varies - I'll stick to just displaying spaces - thanks for the info :slight_smile:

You didn't notice that the example said JOIN INPUT LIST ... in other words you have drop the unicode block on top of the arrowheads.

I noticed that I just couldn't figure out how to do it

Thanks for noticing that - I'll put the squares in :slight_smile:

While dragging the input expression, hover over the left and right arrowheads following the variadic input slots. The white halo you see when hovering over an input slot will turn red and expand to include all the slots of that variadic input. Let go and it turns into INPUT LIST. This works for all variadic inputs, except for a couple of screwy exceptions.

I've actually found that the join block is really hard to get the red halo to appear sometimes. I find it easier if you get rid of all inputs, then drop the reporter on the arrowhead.

Edit: I might be wrong. If you are having trouble, then get rid of all inputs.

Mine reports boxes like your example
I have seen some devices show boxes with x's inside

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