Do macros actually work in Snap!?

I wouldn’t want to beat about the bush … I question if macros are actually a feature of Snap! 8.2.3.

The general idea (according to the Ref.Man.) is that “… the result of a macro call is a new expression that is evaluated as if it appeared in the caller of the macro, with access to the caller’s variables …”. This is what I tried:

Macros test script pic

Well, perhaps it should be done like this:

Macros test script pic 3

Macros test script pic 4

The second version works OK, but how is it different from the next (= third) version? which IMO doesn’t deserve to be called a macro:

Macros test script pic 6

Macros test script pic 5

Same with the example in the Ref.Man., I don’t get it. :confused:
Am I overlooking something?

I think this might be easier with the 9.0 block
untitled script pic 72
Something like this, maybe arranged differently

I'm not surprised if there are things that don't work. I hope hope hope that by Snap!Con everything will be clean and beautiful and reliable and understandable.

9.0 is out???

hope Hope hopes(?)

in development version

Not yet but there’s a beta version

he really hopes

Oh oof.
To me,that type of phrasing is like putting three half reflectors and some magnifying glasses like this and expecting it to split stuff into 8: