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Continuing discussion from the Hyposyn Dev thread about HTML and CSS.

wth is twcss

probably supposed to mean "tailwind css"

basically the person has no idea how to do best practices and copies every individual tag to his css so he invented worse inline styles, showcasing it on a badly styled website where they keep using inline styles anyways because tailwind doesn't have a class for every number

i didn't want to continue posting but i went over the website to check over that and i got annoyed again

have you ever seen text in a book touch the edge of the page? margins exist for a reason

they SAY the styling for this is

<figure class="bg-slate-100 rounded-xl dark:bg-slate-800">
  <img class="w-24 h-24" src="/sarah-dayan.jpg" alt="" width="384" height="512">
  <div class="pt-6 space-y-4">
      <p class="text-lg">

but they're lying, they still use inline styles
maybe tailwind doesn't have all the pixel numbers?

and to be completely clear this is all this tool does, it takes the names of things and does the exact same thing, except 24 actually means 6rem, but 10 is still 10

note that bg-slate-100 is probably background: slate (no clue what 100 is), there are tons of css colors like this. how many classes are there?
similarly all the rest of there are just unintelligible abbreviations of css properties, maybe "space" in space-y-4 refers to margin? maybe it's padding, who knows.
i hope they don't change that image or reuse anything because then it's gonna be stretched

also if you actually check the page source, it's not as easy as just putting in the script, if you do that it gives a warning about it not supposed to be used for users (check the console on the hyposyn website!)
if you use it correctly, you need to actually do a complicated build process

ah okay cool
for reference, my website html is 1.87 kb, this is the styling and actual readable content
note that their measurement doesn't include all the classes repeated everywhere on the tags themselves
for more comparison their website is more than 3000kb AFTER blocking all the scripts that would load more and it has so many errors my browser stopped counting

now it's just bad css again

they know their stuff is impossible to remember so now the computer has to do it

useless,text touching the page is also good thats why im sometimes not even backgournd-color:black

I just said that to shorten it, yes it’s supposed to mean Tailwind CSS.

ok yes but why can't you just have asked us to make the css instead of using that messy code

Flame war?

I didnt know who knows CSS or not? Last time I asked for help on CSS everyone said they don’t know it.

well when was the last time? also, within the past year, so many new people joined, some of which know css (such as myself)

Probably 10 months ago or something, I had suggest a website for some project and asked who knew CSS and everyone said they didn’t know.

i wasn't here anywhere near 10 months ago

Yeah but it discouraged me to ask.

yeah but a lot of people who know css werent here 10 months ago

sigh doesn't matter, ive decided to completely remake the website from scratch


i havent started remaking it from scratch yet, but heres a version i was working on before

May I close this?